Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel Not working with Elliptical outline

I’m working on a simple twisty tower exercise in dynamo and have come across some problems with the Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel node. It works fine with a rectangular floor outline:

but it doesn’t work if I have an elliptical floor outline and throws the error “Warning: Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed. External component has thrown an exception.”:

I’ve attached the file as well:
twisty_Tower.dyn (145.5 KB)


I can’t see what your geometry is defined as, but if it’s a polycurve or polygon it may have to be broken up into individual curves.

Hi @Dennis_Goff


That did the trick @Kulkul thanks!

It works great! Thank you very much!

Can you explain why splitting does the trick? I’m curious. I’m a beginner at Dynamo.

Thank you!