Dynamo, Robot Structural Analysis and Excel

First of all sorry for my bad English,

My interest is in automating the pre-dimensioning of a building. There are some packages in Dynamo for Robot Structural Analysis interoperability but I can’t seem to find a script to read, for example, the x and y dimensions of a slab that is built in the Robot Structural Analysis (not in Dynamo). I was thinking about reading those dimensions and move to Excel to perform calculations to get the slab thickness. Then, input the slab thickness, that was calculated initially in Excel, to the Robot Structural Analysis.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to perform this workflow?

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José Ferreira.

Hi José
That should be possible by using Python or C# to connect to the Robot API from Dynamo, it is however not possible with the nodes currently available, at least to my knowledge.

Hi @Jonathan.Olesen

I was hoping you can assist me with the following issue I’am having with exporting RSA results through Dynamo to Excel. My Dynamo scripts works fine for generating a truss and running the analysis but gives me the following errors on the “BarForces.GetMaxValuesList”: “**Warning: BarForces.GetMaxValuesList operation failed. **
Project not calculated”. Do you have any idea on how to solve this?


Cannot attach my script, let me know if I can perhaps email it to you?

Best to post to another file share service such as Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, WeTransfer, google drive, etc.

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Please take a picture using the camera bottom in the top right corner, make sure to enable all previews under the nodes, zoom in so that the text is readable on a few nodes, and run your graph. I’ll see if I can assist you from there :slight_smile: oh, and upload the screenshot

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Hi Jonathan

Please see the link below for the dynamo script.

Just to clarify, I want to extract the support reactions and bar forces from Robot to excel…

Thanks Jacob.

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Please upload the screenshot i requested… As it might be an issue occurring from the way your setup is set up?

Hope that this does it…?