Rhythm - Links node issue


I have an annoying issue with the node “Links” of Rhythm. The first time that I launched it from Dynamo it worked well. But since when I started to use it from Dynamo player it gives me this message:
“Warning: Dictionary.ByKeysValues operation failed.
An element with the same key but a different value already exists. Key: linkInstance”

The script doesnt work anymore and it appears as in the following image, pointing at a different linkinstance on the right side:

When I place it back to the first linkInstance it works again. Could anybody help with that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @marco.fabriziJGCD4,

It looks like an old error fixed several years ago. Is your version of the Rhythm package up to date?
If yes, maybe a Revit addin is interfering with the Rhythm dlls?

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Version of Dynamo is the following:

The version of Rhythm is 2022.9.1.

Could you explain me better about Revit adding interfering with the Rhythm dlls?