Links node issue

when i take the links node every time the node make one output (link instance) but every time i close the dynamo then i reopen it the node make an issue the make 2 or more outputs as shown below…
that make the script doesn’t work until i delete the node and reload it again.
could anyone help with this issue.
thank you

This is a sign of an add-in conflict. Disable your Revit add-ins and see if that fixes things.

how? did mean delete the Adds? if you mean that i need these adds for Revit work

One method:

Another: Harlan Brumm on LinkedIn: Help | 30 comments

Update your Rhythm package to the latest and it should fix

thank you for your help but it didn’t work

how please?

is this the latest ?

i updated it now to new ver but there is no links node in the package so is there any another node for take the Revit linked file please?

Thank you all for your help
I found the solution for this issue
Download Rhythm Package Ver 3.7.2023 the nodes is still in this ver.
Best of luck

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This is the latest and it works for Revit. 2020 to Revit 2025.


Thank you for your help i really appreciate it.
like i said the version 2024 worked but it doesn’t have links node.