Rhynamo workflow issues


I’m trying to use rhynamo to export a complex geometry from rhino into revit, but those tutorials are just using faces like extrusion or something like that, in my case I have only surfaces. For example, if you create a line and then extrude it a surface has been created and then defined itself like extrusion, if you try to split it becomes a surface. My actual workflow comes to following a maya to rhino conversation, so it is allowed to me working both softwares, nurbs into rhino e subdvs into maya.

Could anyone explain how can I capture this geometry from rhino to get it into revit?

I tried this out: file path > file.frompath > openrhino3dmmodelget_rhinofile > rhinoobjectget_documentobjetcs > rhino_allgeometrytoDS

i stucked there, I can visualize the rhino geometry into dynamo canvas, but I just really cant figure out to proceed to keep up the process to solve this out and get into revit walls/floors from surfaces like families.

Can anyone help?

thank you

Why not directly from Maya to Dynamo? Dynamaya is the name of the plug-in. Give it a whirl.

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