RHYNAMO - Curves import issue / Structural framing justification

Hi all,
I am trying to import a bunch of “curves” from Rhino to Revit in order to use them as path to generate Structural Framings (beams).
I am using RHYNAMO, the problem is that these curves, which are not super complex, are not digested properly by Dynamo/Revit.
I do believe is just a problem of “Curve” type… but unfortuntely I can not find the solution.
Many thanks in advance.

I have tried and in mine it works well

You could try this workflow,

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hi @simoneavellini

structuralframing.beambycurve does not work with polycurves. Try getting your polycurves’s curves (with polycurve.curves node) then feeding them to structuralframing.beambycurve

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Thanks @Alberto_Tono, for reply and suggestion. I will have a look to it.
The difference with my case is that I have polycurves rather than the Nurbs.

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Hello @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi
Great as usual, it worked.
Thanks again.

Taking advantage of the post…
is there a fast way to set the Z Justification of the beam (Top/Center/Bottom) ?

@simoneavellini my pleasure :slight_smile:
You can do it like this :