Clockwork Wall.byFace using a Rhynamo imported surface as Face

Hi all,

I have been testing endless options for turning a Rhino surface into a Revit native component which has some thickness and material proprieties. I have come to the conclusion that the Wall.byFace component should do the job. I have successfully used Rhynamo up to the point of importing a Rhino surface into Dynamo (RhinoTranslationToDS.Rhino_BrepsToDS) then bringing it as Revit geometry (ImportInstance.ByGeometry).

The big challenge is to use this surface as a Revit face, and feed it into the Wall.byFace component. For this purpose two main options have been tested and failed:

  1. RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface
  2. Select Face from Revit geometry instance
I would highly appreciate if anyone could advise me on a way out of this dead end.

Many thanks!

Wall by Face from imported Rhino nurb Surface 2

I’m pretty green when it comes to rhino and grasshopper, however I noticed that the output of the Rhino node is a PolySurface. The “RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface” might be specifically expecting a surface, so you might need to add a “PolySurface.Surfaces” in front of it so that you can extract the individual surfaces from the PolySurface.

Good luck!

RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface returns the underlying Revit face of a given surface in Dynamo. That implies that the Dynamo surface was originally retrieved from a Revit surface. This node was made for use with some Revit API methods that need a face as an input - it does NOT convert a surface generated in Dynamo to a Revit surface.

Basically you would have to bring your geometry into Revit first and then bring its faces back ito Dynamo to be able to use this node. (Create ImportInstance, then select face, feed that into RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface and pass that into wall.ByFace)

Not a very automated workflow, unfortunately…


It will still not work. Thank you anyway.

Unfortunately, you are right. The cause of this is that another node nested inside Wall.ByFace is unable to identify the Revit face reference. With an ImportInstance this may actually be normal since apparently you cannot use the Wall by Face tool in the Revit UI on import instances either. If, however you export your geometry from Dynamo as a SAT file, import that into a generic model family and load that into the project, you can use the Wall By Face tool in the UI on it - doesn’t work with the Wall.ByFace node, though, as the Revit face reference cannot be retrieved. FWIW, I posted an issue on the Dynamo GitHub site in order to seek support from the devs.

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