Rhino to Revit Help in scheduling data

Hello Community

I am currently struggling with a bit of a problem and need some help to solve it.

The outcome I am looking for is to convert rhino data into structural members and schedule them.

My problem is that I do not know how.

If this is not achievable I would like to pull data from rhino. The data that I am after would be the diameter of the circle and then the length of each extrusion.

Any help or direction is appreciated and thank you in advance.

I have attached an image of the geometry that I am trying to schedule.


I found this as a start down the rabbit hole.


Hi @Bobby_Harris1,

It would be a lot easier to help if you share the rhino file as well as showing what you’ve tried so far :slightly_smiling_face:

A workflow could be done using nodes from the rhynamo package, but it could also be set up as a live stream via grasshopper and speckle. Let us know what you are after.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the reply.

I have simplified the geometry and attached the files.

serpante.3dm (3.9 MB)

Rhynamo_Workflow01_ExampleImport.dyn (17.7 KB)

I really have no idea where to start.

Again any help is appreciated.

So I have backed up to the start.

I have simplified the geometry that I am trying to import to just the base circles.

What I need help understanding now is how do I convert the rhino polycurves into revit curves or circles to which I can find the center point of?

serpante-circle.3dm (144.6 KB)
Rhynamo_Workflow01.dyn (8.5 KB)

So I am pretty happy with myself… I am moving in the right direction.
Rhynamo_Workflow02.dyn (200.9 KB)
serpante-circle.3dm (168.8 KB)

Hi @Bobby_Harris1,

Great stuff :wink:. I actually had a go with your 3dm last, but had some troubles getting geometry into dynamo. My comp died several times while trying to get the whole lot, but in the end I successfully got a single surface out. Don’t know if it’s because of the extends of the geometry it’s hard to convert, or because the geometry is not a proper brep - it’s definatly not too complex.

But I decided to install rhino to check out your file and see if I could get just the center point, radius and length of the pillars, and then send this data via speckle, but I didn’t get that far last night. I’ll try again when I get time :slightly_smiling_face:


So I just tried to solve this via Speckle, since… well… it was fun :smiley: And then, as I mentioned earlier, had some trouble getting the geometry through Rhynamo.

Spoiler alert: This will display extremely bad use of GH since im a total noob :smiley:

So here goes:
I managed to extract the center line midt point and an edge curve, which i send through to Dynamo using Speckle:

I recieve the geometry in Dynamo, and extract the curve of the column as well as the radius and the height. This information i pass through to the adaptive family column I’ve used:

In Revit where you can schedule the elements (I would have showed this if I’d used shared params in the family, but I’m sure you’re aware of how to do this :slight_smile: )

Edit: I edited the 3dm file a tiny bit, since it had some columns inside other columns:
serpante_SpeckleTest.3dm (3.8 MB)

Edit 2: Link to how to set up a stream using Speckle:


Thanks for the workflow.

I am working on a new approach.

My new idea is to create polylines through points and bring that data into dynamo then convert that data into columns but I am not having any success.

Could someone please help.

Thank you in advance.
serpante-columns.3dm (1.6 MB)
Rhynamo_Workflow03.dyn (7.0 KB)