Controlling lines Rhino-Rhynamo-Revit

Hi guys

I’m trying to establish a workflow from Rhino to Revit using Dynamo with Rhynamo. The task is to read a stick model from Rhino into Dynamo and assign Revit families to it. Background: I’m working on a high rise and want to use the engineers’ centerlines of the structural diagrid to generate the architectural cladding. Until now, this has been done in Rhino with Grasshopper and exported to Revit as .sat-files. For various reasons, I want to generate the cladding directly in Revit.

Basicly it’s working as it should - as you might see from the screens in the link below, the challenge however is the rotation of the structural framing-families on sloped sides. I need to rotate those objects and am wondering, how to do this in a smart way in Dynamo. Would it be someting like detecting whether a line is angled and rotate it based on this? I just started to scratch the surface of Dynamo and am not very experienced in terms of scripting - any input is very appreciated.

I put a package with the files and some screens here:




Hey Christian Bøggild Schuster,

I had a look at your screen captures. I understand exactly what the problem is, but I i will need more info before I can help. Can you post that sample Revit file, Dynamo definition and Rhino file? You can email them to me at ksobon1986 at

The problem is that I am not sure whether what you have there is a beam, brace or a column, so I am not sure where to look for rotation methods. Once I can have a look at the actual family I will be able to better help you.

One more question. Would you consider using a different workflow if it was faster/easier? I think there is a plug in called Lyrebird and another one called GeometryGym that might be worth checking out. Anyways, we can look at those if Dynamo fails.


And a quick addendum to what I said before. If these elements are “Beams” or “Braces” then they will have a parameter called “Cross-Section Rotation”. You can set it like this:



Hey Konrad

Thanks! I’ve mailed you the files (and updated the file on Dropbox - I thought I had included the .rvt and .dyn).

Other/better workflows (Lyrebird/GeometryGym) are definitely an option, though I would prefer to keep Grasshopper out of it if possible.


Oh, by the way - I tested your suggested node-setup for selecting model elements. Besides that the selection-process in Revit requires a dedicated view in order to be able to select the right instances of the structural framing, it actualy works quite ok.