Rhino mesh objects to Revit family object

I have file with dozens of low-poly people in three formats: Rhino, 3ds, DWG. The models of the people are meshes.

I can get one at a time into Revit from the DWG:

  • In Autocad, move one person mesh to the origin, then save that one mesh into a separate DWG file (wblock command).
  • In a new Revit Entourage family, import the DWG file.
  • Save the Revit family, load into project.

That’s all well and good, but I’d love to have all the people, each in their own Revit family, ready to load into my project. I thought I could use Dynamo to open one of the files, move each person mesh to the origin (based on a bounding box or something), then save each out to an individual Revit family.

I have used Rhynamo to open the Rhino file and read the Rhino objects. It only seems to read 8 of all the meshes. That’s problem one. It also places these 8 each at the origin, even though none of them are at the origin in the Rhino file (I don’t think… it’s been awhile since I dealt with this Rhino file).

Any suggestions?