Revit Work Plane to Custom Shared Parameter


Hi I’m looking to put the Cable Tray Fitting (CTF) Levels into their tag thru a custom SP.

  1. My current problem is it seems to be only taking the first item in the list and not the following items??? That's why the other two tagged elements have a "?" on them... I'm not sure where I went wrong!
  2. And I also can't seem to isolate "Level 2" instead of "Level : Level 2" In a previous DS I used Element.Name for the Level parameter and it worked... so why not here?


























Your lists are not the same length, you need to filter your elements by the same boolean mask that you filtered the workplanes so that the lists match.


The workplane parameter is a string that just happens to include “Level :”. It is not the parameter name which you were previously able to filter out. The simplest way would be to cut out the first few characters of the string out to remove the “Level :”



Hi Tim,

Thanks, this solved problem two, but problem 1 still seems to stick??? The values don’t seem to replicate to the other families for some reason.






Level_GetSetParam_CTF_1stListOnly_NoReplicationFollowing instances are empty




I think you were on the right track with the filter by boolean mask, but you just have to filter the elements with the same mask.



Not completely familiar with how it works but does Lacing have to do with it? I tried lacing the SetParamaterByName and it populated the other instances (yeah!!!, I first thought) with the value from the first one. So the first instance controls the values in the other two regardless of the actual WorkPlane its on. :frowning:


Not sure two inputs are related



Sorry, I think i confused you earlier with my filter by string node, that was just to filter my list.

I would suggest going back to your filter by length of string and get a a true/false mask and then use that mask with a filter by boolean mask to filter both the parameters and the elements.