Set Parameter using only first value

I’ve been digging and messing around with the lacing settings on the element.getparametervaluebyname and element.setparameterbyname nodes and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. The space names being generated via the script are populating the Name parameter as “A” across all 20 spaces rather than the individual names. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Im not at pc but your lists arent at the same level. Flatten the list at the arrow

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…and it should be only “A”…

list 0 in your values is “A” and that is going to be set for all elements in list 0

If you intended that the 20 values should go for your 20 values in list 0, then you need to use list level


@erfajo’s way is better. This way u can keep list structure. Use levels :slight_smile:

Thanks alot erfajo and Schasfoortyoeri for your replys. I utilized the list level node which helped me to see what/where this was failing. I realized that I the SpaceAtRoom node wasn’t using the room numbers to number the spaces which I initally thought was the case so my list was more mixed up than I originally thought. I was able to resolve all of this by using the room information after the space was created in the project (and therefore didn’t need to sort/reorder a list). Thanks again for the assistance!