Copying Elevation Parameter into a Shared Parameter

Hello People,
I’m trying to move a revit parameter “elevation” into a new shared parameter so i could annotate my wall openings. Could anyone help on how to move forward with this thanks?

@oladamilola just asking:
Can I see your graph? :slight_smile:

This will copy the value of parameter A to parameter B.
In this case i used all elements of the category floors:

You could filter the selection based on material / floor type whatsoever :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Thanks so much.
This actually works for me like this. But how do i filter it to just an element of a category. I have furnitures and what nots as Generic models and i would like the script to only work for a certain element

Thanks for the Reply. But in case i only want the script to work for only a certain element in the generic models category. How do i then filter this out.

It´s down below. Is it possile to replace the Category with Family Types instead ?

Yes, you can use the node All Elements of Family Type instead of All Elements of Category.

To filter what you want and don’t want, try searching for FilterByBoolMask, there should be hundreds of threads on how to use it.


You could also filter on Name or any other parameter the floor has.

See here the result:

This way you can fill in multiple family types

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Whenever I’m trying to copy a Level/Reference Level to a shared/project parameter, It’s showing some error.

Do I need to change anything in the parameter to copy a Level/Reference Level?

Rest of the parameters, like: Offset, System Classification, Slope are easily coping into it. The problem is occurring only with the Level/ Reference Level.

You must convert the level Elements to a string. Use the Element.Name node after the GetParameterValueByName and before the SetParameterByName node.


Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: