Shared Levels and Grids



Hi, I have got a script written by someone else that i have been trying to adapt to work for my company. It’s basically meant to find all the levels, grids and reference planes in the project and if they aren’t on the ‘shared levels and grids’ workset move them onto it. Then push the information out into excel of how many of each had to be modified. However it is producing errors and not actually changing any of the worksets. The excel also just reports the total number of levels, grids and reference planes in the project.

I’m at a loss as to whats gone wrong, can anyone help?

Anyone make a scipt to place Grids, Levels and Scope boxes on the right workset?

what is the error that the Parameter.Change node is giving?



I think it is most probably the output from the nodes getting the worksets.

I have a similar workflow, but it utilises the Archi-lab package node. It would be interesting to see the outputs from the nodes in your graph, but a couple of things I have had to do… is flatten the output from the workset, and then add the levels to the value input on the Element.SetParameterByName node.

Hopefully this will allow you to finalise your graph.


Hi @Kirsty_Hogg and @Scott_Crichton Scott, are you willing to share your scripts? I am also looking to select all levels and grids and place them on the right Workset :slight_smile: