Revit Wall by Face - Dynamo Surface

Hy Everyone, I would like to know, how we can create a Revit wall by face through a Dynamo Surface. Thanks in Advance.


  1. Import the Dynamo surface into a Conceptual Mass Family file

  2. Load the conceptual mass family into a Revit Project file

  3. Pick and create walls using Wall by Face

Hi Vikram,

Thanks for your response. My doubt know is how we can import DS surface into a conceptual Mass Family Type ? I explore clockwork package, however Revit Face.From DynamoSurface python script it seems not working.

Thanks in Advance.

Look at the base nodes: ImportInstance.ByGeometry and ImportInstance.ByGeometries :slight_smile:

Hi Soll Amour,

But this is obvious, however, what I mean it that this approach doesn’t work, because revit wall doesn’t detect dynamo surface, I believe we need to translate Dynamo surface to Revit face before we import to revit. Actually the only way that I found so far is, export to .sat, and import into mass type in place, linked to Cad.

If you need to work with a mass form, you must first create a mass form. You can do so:

Mass Form

ant then:

" 2. Load the conceptual mass family into a Revit Project file

  1. Pick and create walls using Wall by Face "


Hi CADesigner,

Thanks for your response, I tryed already with a simple exercise, but somehow it gave me a error in Form.ByLoftCrossSections. Another question is, once I solve this error, it is possible through Clockwork create a wall directly in Dynamo, without load as a mass family in Revit project file ? Regards



Joaquim, there is no ‘Revit face’. The workflow is as straight forward as I’d outlined earlier. The images below visually demonstrate the three steps. As you can see, it works with surfaces too.


Thanks Vikram,

If i´m not wrong, as I see in the pictures attached, your are using a add-in to load the surface into a project [ Family editor ]. Would you mind to indicate where i can obtain this add-in. However this a approach it is similar to export to .sat file and create a mass in place linked to CAD.


Joaquim, that is not an Add-in (though I didn’t realize it appears under that tab).

Load into Project has always been available in a Revit Family file (.rfa) interface by default (it isn’t something that needs to be installed)

It seems like you aren’t familiar with Revit families. However, it is an integral, important and quite basic part of the Revit workflow.

I’d suggest you try to familiarize yourself with some of the basics related to the two different file types rvt (Project) and rfa (Family) and the way they work together.




Vikram, Thanks for advices, my background it’s from Rhinoceros & Grasshopper and now i´m introducing Revit & Dynamo. Thanks for your suggestion.


Seem i have similar problem can you tell me how you solved you problem? FamilyInstance.ByFace