How to create walls from 'complex' surfaces

Hello everyone,

For my thesis I’m studying a building which exhibits some hyperbolic paraboloidal surfaces that I have to model with Dynamo.
At this moment of my project I’ve accomplished the modelling of the surfaces in Dynamo but I’m not able to use them to build the walls in the Revit model.

First, I’ve tried the command Wall.ByFace using the list of surfaces directly from Dynamo. As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve selected only one surface to increase the calculation speed but if I select the entire list nothing changes. Dynamo doesn’t point out any error but doesn’t work either.

Then I’ve exported the Dynamo surfaces to Revit obtaining the Shape and I’ve used the Wall.ByFace command again by selecting from the Revit model only one surface (as I mentioned before this is only for the shake of quick calculation). In this case the node points out an error. It says that it needs a solid surface (mass). My main issue is that solid surfaces are the ultimate goal of my modelling project.

Does anyone know a way to get a wall drawn from this kind of surface?

I would be very grateful for any kind of help you can provide.

In Revit you need a shape that is in the Mass category. not Generic Model.
Can you give it a try?

Hi Marcel, first thanks for the feedback.

I’ve just tried but I obtain the same error.

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  1. Import your Geometry with a Conceptual Mass Family template open in Revit

  2. Load the family into the Revit project

  3. Select the face and create the wall


Hi Vikram, thank you very much for your suggestion.

The problem is that my project pretends to be a parametric model, so geometries of the Dynamo file are linked to the Revit project. This is why I can’t run the script with a Conceptual Mass Family template opened in Revit (I suppose).

I tried to run the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node with the mass family template as FamilyTemplatePath and all the surfaces joined as geometry (the result should be the one shown in the Dynamo windows). The mass family that it’s been imported in Revit is partial and totally usless but I can’t undestand where is the mistake.

I had that problem once where the angle of the surface didn’t allow me to make a wall because it was almost horizontal. I created a roof type that was almost identical to the wall. and did a Roof.byFace and it worked.
But it was a long time ago before i started using Dynamo.
If your model is parametric as you say, you can update the walls to the new shape with the update to face command. (In revit) don’t know if there is a Dynamo node for that.