Revit UV vs Dynamo UV: AdaptiveComponents.ByParametersOnFace

Hello Dynamo forum,

I’m trying to place adaptive component families making use of a base surface in Revit to retrieve normals for the adaptive points set to By Host, but I am having trouble converting between Dynamo UV, defined in a domain between 0 and 1 and Revit’s UV, defined by the surface’s domain, ( as far as i understand, in feet but I’m not really sure how it really works! ).

I’m using the node: AdaptiveComponents.ByParametersOnFace

How can I convert my Dynamo UVs so I can place the components on the surface?

I think would be great if in Dynamo we could provide a normal vector to adaptive points to orient them even without a surface!

Thanks a lot!

Known issue. Unfortunately nobody seems interested in fixing it.

This bug is thwarting my script too. Placing adaptive components is always confined to a 1’x1’ portion of my surface. Documentation says that UV varies between 0 and 1, but in Revit seems to vary by distance (in feet for me). I vote that this bug be fixed.