Revit to Rhino via Dynamo

Hi All,
I have one stair in revit, how I can convert the revit model element to Rhino via dynamo?
Please see my file on link!4hRj1QKC!Iwr0ai65VVQeq1Y9Knoq50yNe8mESB4_usg4yxG2lps

You can start by showing what you’ve tried :slight_smile:

Secondly you can have a look at the Rhynamo package…

This screenshot in my revit model it an example stair

And what have you tried in Dynamo? This is not a “do my work”-forum :wink: You can read this if you’re in doubt on how to get help in here:

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Thank you, I was search in forum search tool before ask question to this forum!