Revit to Excel to particulair row depending on level

Im am searching for a way to have square meters exported to excel to a particulair row depending on the level off the square meters.

An example when the square meters are on the 1st floor they need to be exported to row 20
but when the square meters are on the 2nd floor they need to be exported to row 21.

Thanks in advance.

You can do this by getting the levels, sorting by elevation or whatever, getting the index of the level in question, add one to it, and then multiply that by 10.

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im guessing you are talking about the room’s (or area’s) level.

Get all the rooms and Group by Key using the Level as the key

Then get the first group (level) and retrieve the Area. You need a bit of Gymnastic to write all values on the same row

Then write the values to Excel specifying the forst row

It will get a little bit more complex to add the other levels if you want to use the same script. But basically you will need to enter some null values in the list to move the 2nd “row” down.

I suggest using Bumblebee from Archi-Lab

I also suggest to read the Primer if you need help to get started building your own graph: