How to create excel matrix from revit data through Dynamo

Hello, I am trying to create a table in excel from revit, the problem is a follow:

in column A: Parameter info (rooms)
in row A: Parameter info (rooms)
body of table: room name that matches both Parameters stated in Column A and Row A


I’m beyond a bit lost on this one, and I think it’s because I don’t know what you currently have set up.

Can you post the graph you have built, a camera export of it with previews expanded, and a small sample Revit file (you only need like 4 rooms on two levels to do this on a list)?

Ok, I am not at the office right now, tomorrow as soon as I get there I do it, thank you!

what you wanna achieve can be done by using OOTB node WriteToFile(Excel) whereby each item in list represents columns data, and each list represents row data.

Check out this blog post for a cool visualisation node.

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Hi @JacobSmall, how are you? I send you here the .dyn and a sample file, please take note that the “level” parameter is not the default “Level” one, is a project parameter created afterwards, also, I believe I am getting where I need now, but, still it needs some tweaks

thank you!

hello, I manage to get the result I wanted, however, it only works if, for each “level” every room has consecutive “bahia” numbers, and in some projects there are some “bahia” missing at certain “level”,

Just to try it out, I deleted the room with “bahia” number 12 at “level” number 01, but it still exists on the other “levels”, the result should be: at xls, column stated as “bahia” 12: blank for “level” 01, “cafeteria” for “level” 02 and “sprinkler” for “level” 03; however I get this result… I don’t know how to solve it… any help please?

hi, @stillgotme how are you? I know the OOTB node, and I know how it works, as a matter of fact I am using that same node in this routine, however ,that node is the last one, and it works just fine, the problem is the data collecting, I don’t want the data to come out just like that, I need to put the info togheter first and that is my actual headache, if you take a look at what I need to achieve you may understand, every row is the list of rooms that share a parameter, and every column is the list of rooms that share another parameter, it is a data matrix