Revit to dynamo

I’m a beginner for dynamo

Q1: would like to ask if the previous revit(2016) model has been completed (no use of dynamo)

Could dynamo provide any simple follow-up analysis?

Q2: Is there any way to do the automatic calculation of the number, area,Automatic tagging.etc?

See a lot of dynamo to revit information on the Internet, but did not seem to see the relevant information on revit to dynamo, can provide some previously used revit model building, follow the use of dynamo to do the link method?

Hope to provide examples or comments for reference, very grateful

Welcome to this world :slight_smile:
For beginners is there tutorial material handed with the installation and the ‘Dynamo Primer’ is recommendable reading. There are also many videos available on YouTube. Start with that and learn how Dynamo works.

Finally, yet importantly, follow the guides given here in general.