Revit 2023+ Dynamo based Analytical Automation

Hi all-
I am finally starting to get into projects using Revit 2023 and 2004’s new Analytical model.
For those of you unfamiliar with it , Revit no longer generates the Structural Analytical model as you go and attempts to keep it updated/connected as you make changes to the physical (regular Revit elements) model. Instead, there are now Dynamo-based tools to create the Analytical model “on-demand”.

I have some questions- some of them may be issues, some of them may be requests for additional functionality, some of them may be just me not understanding how these new Dynamo-based nodes work. So my immediate questions are:

  • Is anyone in the forums trying to modify the default tools?
  • Is anyone from the Autodesk Analytical Model development team hanging around here who will be able to answer questions? Or should I be reaching out to Support?
  • Can the Dynamo Forum moderators add a tag like “AnalyticalAutomation” in the hopes that this “new” functionality can start to build a community around improving the default tools?


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This is more of a ‘sub speciality’ of Dynamo for Revit. Unfortunately if we break down every sub specialty into it’s own category we’d have too many to be of use effectively. Likely better off under structural which captures a bit more but should narrow stuff down. Went ahead and placed it in there for you. :slight_smile:

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Developers of all sorts are around, and when they aren’t I can get them here.

Not something I have had a need for yet.

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@jacob.small Thanks for both your responses. I didn’t notice the structural tag, I will use that in the future.

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Always down to assist where I can. I am a fellow structural engineer trying to understand others workflows. Currently, I do not use the analytical model in any way.

What are you trying to do with the analytical model? What are your pain points?

Austin- we use the Revit Analytical Model to Export to analysis programs (currently Risa and Etabs).
Because it’s a multi-step process with multiple software vendors involved (the Analysis programs provide their own export plugins), I am focusing here on the generation of the Analytical Model from Revit. Up though Revit 2022, the AMOD was generated “on the fly” in the background by Revit, and would automatically adjust for changes in the Physical (regular Revit) model. I guess people didn’t want their AMOD moving around without their knowledge, so now it is and “on demand” or manual process to create the AMOD.

I will post specific questions separately in this thread.

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