Reinforcement Modeling in Revit with Dynamo

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My name is Jonatan. Im a student from Sweden writing my final paper on Reinforcement tools in Revit. I’m curious how dynamo kan be used to extend the regular Reinforcement tools in Revit.

My question is if anyone here is using Dynamo or knows anyone that uses it for Reinforcement modeling? What are the benefits?

Thank You!!


Have a google search for Håvard Vasshaug and/or Julien Benoit!

Personally I would say the best way to utilize Dynamo for reinforcement would be for odd shapes and such. Some complex shapes require reinforcement modelled one by one and I think Dynamo can help automate it. Not tested extensively on my part, though.

an application i am workin gon is to copy area and path reinforcements from one given element to a set of similar geometries name based (excel)

should be increasing overall performance

  • is python based custom nodes


If l have a solid loft, how can l import that into the Revit project, so it can then accept reinforcement?