AutoCAD floor plans to Revit 3D model


I am new here and wanted to ask if anyone has ever come across of a possible way to link AutoCAD floor plan drawings to Revit.
Meaning, if you have an AutoCAD floor plan with the use of Dynamo to create a 3D Model in Revit.
I realise this is a big ASK and that it will still require manual inputs from a user, but I bet it would be faster than tracing the xref’s in Revit. Just wanted to check if its worth spending time to create such thing or if someone out there has had a similar idea in the past or if its not possible currently?

More or less: I was thinking something more in the lines of exporting the lines or coordinates from AutoCAD and importing them in Revit and then create the walls from the lines and set wall height, floors and ceilings at the level the user inputs.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Lefteris (Terry)

Try the MEPover and BiMorph packages