Automatic view generation Dynamo/Revit

Hi all,

I’m working on a script in dynamo to create automatic views in Revit2017.
Does anyone know if this is possible to make with Dynamo?

For example:
I want to generate all the window families into Dynamo and create 2 section views of each window.

Let me know if you can help me!=)


I am also looking for a way to do this (but for doors). Any luck on finding anything useful?

depends on how you might normally document them - my preference is the pre-existing phase “trick”

off the top of my head - query the database for all the family types you want - place them in the model in the preexisting view using their bounding box to keep them separated (demo them as appropriate) - use their bounding box as the limits to place the elevations and sections - get fancy - add tags, text, etc. to the views

you could use a similar approach if you document in place - you’d just need to find them in the model rather than place them


Wow, reading some users posts really put into perspective how far behind the Dynamo game I am at.

I have SO MANY ideas populating in my head of workflows I’d like Dynamo to do for me, but have absolutely no idea how to work the 1000s of nodes to achieve these ideas. The ability to select specific doors (since we dont need to detail every door in the project), then Dynamo automatically creates a section view in front and behind the selected door(s). This would save my company lots of time doing repetitive tasks, but I just have no idea how to even start (or finish) my Dynamo workspace to achieve this :frowning:

Anyone else have a working dataset for the above? I found a tutorial on someone doing it for structural columns/beams, but couldnt get it to apply to doors :frowning:

Start by finding all the doors in your project. It’s a place to start! lots of examples of things like that here and elsewhere.