Revit System Lightgroup export in Dynamo


i was wondering, if there is a way to export the light groups in dynamo? maybe some of you had tried this before or a idea how it could work.

i am thankfull for any information.

kind regards

Export what? The geometry? The parameter values? The lamp? Circuit number(s)?

name of the Lightsgroup as I highlight in the picture.
(group of lamps)

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Is there any instance parameter associated to the lamps with the name of the lightgroup associated to it?

Share a simple rvt file so we can test with. I believe this is doable but need a source file to play with.


The light group element type hasn’t been exposed by the Dynamo API yet, so Dynamo doesn’t know how to handle them. As such you’ll need to do the work in Python to pull the content. Info on the class can be found here: