Manipulate Groups by Dynamo

How to export groups in a rvt file and save each group into individual rvt file?
The name of each rvt file should be the same as the name of each group.

Have you got any information (screen captures, dyn or rvt sample files) on what you have already tried?

We are all here to help when we can in our spare time, but you will learn the most through your own trial and error. I recommend drawing a sketch (on paper) breaking down the process into each of the logical steps you think are required. Then use that as a guide while you start to explore with some node combinations.:wink:

For my own interest are you considering Detail groups or Model groups?

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Thank you Ewan_Opie for the suggestions.

First of all Iā€™m interested in model groups.

E.g. I attached rvt file which has 2 groups ( In revit, I can exports both groups one by one.
In real world, I have hundreds of groups in a revit file, it is tedious task to export group one by one and save each one as rvt file.
How to use Dynamo to automate this task?