Revit Solid.Centroid returning XYZ (0,0,0)

Hello all,

I have a family that contains multiple solids, however the solid centroids of the family instances keep returning 0,0,0. this is not correct

The operation in short is Element.Geometry> filter only solids> Solid.Centroid

Does anyone know how this can happen, and what i can do to solve this?
I am not able to upload the projectfile due to the sensitivity of the project.

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Can you show me the full graph.

graph1/2 :


Note: the “empty” family instances do not influence this behaviour.

for other families it seems to work correctly.

the family is a 2 point adaptive family with a linebased family hosted on a reference line

Are your Families “Shared” ?
Can you try that?
long shot

I tried both shared and non/shared version, but both returned the same result…

It seem to have to do something with the fact that it is a linebased family. I resolved this for now by just obtaining familyInstance.location… this is not really correct though