Solid in DYNAMO is not converting correctly to REVIT with FamilyType.ByGeometry

I have a solid. Sweep node creating a single solid like image bellow:

When I try to put the family, the family has no geometry inside of it.

Someone knows how to fix that?

Can’t see the issue with what you provided. Can you post the DYN and required reference files?

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunelly I can’t upload files since I am new in community.

Follow the link to download the file.

Also, follow the link to download .rvt file to test the code.

Thx for you help.

Dug into this a bit, and it appears to be an issue with the SAT file. Not much we can do about that, as other formats are serializing and deserializing correctly.

So instead building your family by import method, I recommend moving to the adaptive environment and a new file, and letting Dynamo generate the families in that location. Begin by defining your points as locations to sweep along (more or less what you have now), converting to Reference points (ReferencePoint.ByPoint), building a reference curve from those points (Curve.ByPoints.ByReferencePoints), placing a circular adaptive family on the curve, and using that to generate your form. This will make a single native Revit family which you can then place repeatedly in your project - assuming all cables have 13 points, you then have one family with one family type placed N (N+2 elements in the DB) times instead of N families with 1 one family type instanced N times (N*N elements in the DB).

Realized that the means of creating a form aren’t really accessible out of the box, so thought I’d share a sample:
adaptive environment.dyn (52.5 KB)

Once you have the 13 point family built (and another version for other point counts) you can load it (them) into your project and use the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node to place them all. I recommend configuring your family file for category and adding any parameters prior to running the .dyn.

Whilst working in the past with SAT files I found out that you always have to be working in the +/+ quadrant regarding to the coordinate system, otherwise SAT-files will get really messed up. Perhaps this bit of knowlegde might help.

This might be the case, which could be a fairly simple fix for the export.

However it would also make placing the family much more difficult, and the resulting family would be less functional in the long term (building the point count family as an adaptive family would allow reuse of a family from a library, reduce file sizes, and simplify delivery maintenance (geometry can be updated on real families, no so much for import families).