Geometry of Openings

Hello everybody,

Does anybody by chance know a node/package/way to get the geometry of openings created in Revit, other than extracting by hand the informations through the parameters ?
Basically, I have a set of surfaces on Dynamo that represent (in a way) Revit objects, and I want to cut openings in the surfaces after operating on them (so I cannot simply intersect the surfaces with the imported geometry on Dynamo).



Can you please share all of your graph?

It’s basically it. I just selected the elements… Anyway, here it is.

test_openings.dyn (10.4 KB)



You can use the boundingbox when when everything failed.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner, and thanks for the input.

Aren’t Bounding Box supposed to be aligned with the reference axis ? I mean, say that a have a wall that isn’t aligned with either the x axis nor the y axis and that one opening is situated on that wall. By using the Element.BoundingBox and the BoundingBox.toCuboid nodes, wouldn’t I get a solid that isn’t aligned with the initial element neutral axis ?

Are you talking of orthogonality ?
You score a good point. It doesn’t work properly with a diagonal wall.


Yeah, I was talking about that :confused:

Maybe I can workout a graph to rotate the opening, create the BoundingBox and the Cuboid, and then rotate back the Cuboid… I think I already saw something like that on the forum, I better go get a look again.

Thanks anyway ! :slight_smile:


Maybe this helps?

You can get the location curves from the Element.Location node…



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Thanks, i’ll take a look at it. I’ll tell you about any results I get tomorrow.

I have a better proposal with Element.Geometry+ from Clockwork.



Wonderful ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Where can I find the Deconstruct.Solid node? I tried the one in the Lunchbox package but it does not work.

My workflow, using Clockwork: