Revit - set back blank parameter valule

Hi guys,

I’m tying to set blank value of some shared parameters but get this error message


It might be Revit limitation probably or you have some ideas?

What format is the parameter? If it’s a string you can set it to “”. I could guess at others as well but need to know what the type of value Revit is looking for.

it’s integer - therefore it is not possible to set blank - i think so. But before inputting any value this parameter is “empty” blank but when we put value than Unit appear and thank back to blank is not possible:confused:
am I right ?

As far as I am aware, this is correct. It would be possible to write the data out to a XLS or CSV, remove the shared parameter, and recreate it maintaining a blank value where desired by reading a modified version of the XLS or CSV, though associated data may be lost in this process so I’d be certain this is a requirement (it likely isn’t).

Yes I was also consider to tun it through exc/csv i need test it .