Remove & Prevent Writing Nulls in 2.5 (2021)

Condition: So I export a set of Parameters to Excel (Sheet Parameters). Modify at least 1 element (Row) in all its parameters (1 in each column & Sheet Series for good measure). When I then “Set Parameter Values” the Blank data (Nulls) gets “null” written into the parameter.

What’s the best way to keep them “blank” (empty). I’ve tried several filtering options, nodes, replacing, & maybe fewer sequence options. I’ve tapped my own knowledgebase to make is as clean as possible as well as looking for relevant posts. I’d like to know how to solve this w/in the Graph instead of “post processing”.

Can you post a canvas export of your full graph? It sounds like you are using a string conversion and without knowing where it’s hard to know how to fix this.

Removing that string conversion did the trick. Think I reused this graph previously for a different purpose :roll_eyes:

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