Excel write to Revit Shared Parameter

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble writing data from Excel to a Revit Shared Parameter. In Excel, the values of a given column are numerical and text. If I create a Shared Parameter and set its Type of Parameter to “Text” only the text values come across. If I set the Shared Parameter’s Type of Parameter to “Number” only the numerical values come across. Has anyone encountered this? What should I be setting the Shared Parameter’s setting “Type of Parameter” to?

Have you tried the object to string node to convert all data as string. The data has to be the same data type as the parameter or it flags up an error. The same applies for any parameter, the data has to be converted to the correct data type.

There is also the to number node for values with decimal places. For integers I use Python to declare a double or string as integer, but there is probably a node for that somewhere too

That worked Daniel. Thank you!

You’re welcome.

I used the String.RemoveAfterGivenCharacter from Rhythm.

Good stuff, glad you got it working :wink: