Revit- MSProject Link for Just-In Time Manufacturing

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Does anybody know how to make a bidirectional link between Revit and MSProject using Python. I am going to develop a framework using Revit, Dynamo, and a web-based service for having Just-In-Time Manufacturing of building modules. For this purpose. I modeled several building modules in Revit with all their elements and extracted and sorted them into Excel using Dynamo. for the next step, I don’t know how to make a bidirectional link between Revit elements and MSProject for assigning time to each element. How can we export Revit elements and parameters into MSProject, modify them and then send them back into Revit. For Just In Time manufacturing, each Revit element needs a scheduling time received from MS Project. Could u please guide me? I attached my Dynamo and Revit file. Any help is kindly appreciated in advance.

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JIT 4.dyn (37.6 KB)

Sorry @MOJTABA256, but you can’t use other’s proposals without a link to the original. It’s just a matter of respect. So here it is:

Yes. You are right. Since I followed your proposal myself on my Model, I forgot to mention. Anyway, you are right and sorry for that. I should have linked my question to your message. I am very busy with this subject, and wrote this text very fast. Sorry again.

OK, I understand and I can see that your trying to reach something high. I’ll be glad to follow this once you’ve got new personal inputs. But please avoid to discredit yourself on a public forum by using other’s work, even if it’s for gaining some precious time :smirk:

Ok. Thanx for your understanding. When I searched on google, I saw Revit 2005 or 2006 I think had an add-in called Export to MSProject. This add-in was used to export all Revit element into MSProject software, assihn schedule data and then send them back to Revit from MSProject. It seemed very helpful but I don’t know for the new version such as Revit 2015, 16 and 17, this add-in doesn’t exist. Does any body have any information about it? Thanx

Short answer, I think Navisworks is the tool for this from now on. I’ve also seen this Autodesk workshop on this topic:

Thank u so much for all your helps and kindness. I’ll look at it. I think, there some nodes which connects Revit to Navisworks by Dynamo using DynaWorks15 package.