Revit + Dynamo + Just In Time Material Delivery

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I am going to design an integrated platform for having Just In Time Material Delivery for modular construction projects using “Revit+Dynamo+ MS Project +cloud based service tool”. For the first step, I modeled several building modules with all its structural elements such as wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, finishing materials, etc in Revit, and generated modules using create assembly. Now for example, I have module 1, module 2, module 3, etc and each module has its elements. Now I want to extract some data such as number of studs and joists and their length, amount of finishing materials etc. from Revit model and send them to a cloud-based service tool to provide a real-time communication tool between the manufacturer and material supplier for having Just In Time Manufacturing. Between these task I must also link MS project scheduling data to each module to provide date for each material delivery. Can anybody guide me and explain to me what I should do? Thank you so much in advance. I uploaded my Revit file below.

Just In Time Manufacturing.rvt (16 KB)

Hello, your rvt file can’t be open (it gives an error). Could you also provide us with your Dynamo files (at least your first attemps)? Thanks

Thank u so much for your response

In fact I haven’t done much in dynamo, since I don’t know that I should send the parameters to Excel or any other database. first I tried to extract structural framing data such as “structural materials, cut length, Assembly name, Reference Level, Structural Usage, Family and Type”, but I do not know why structural materials and structural usage are null. I attached my dynamo file for you here. As I said I didn’t do much and your guidance is really appreciated. I think my Revit file is a little big that’s it couldn’t be completely uploaded. Thanx again

JIT 2.dyn (13.4 KB)

Can you upload to DropBox or GoogleDocs or something and post link here in that case?

This is my new Dynamo file. It is not completed but better than previous one

JIT 2.dyn (47.2 KB)

Hi Tom

Please click on the link below. I uploaded my Revit file to DropBox and shared its link.

Hello, here is my proposal:

Basically, I create a list of type/instance parameters (that can be enlarged as much as needed) and I sort it by assembly name. Then I write to excel (one sheet per assembly type is required).
I tried to simplify it with Bumblebee but with no success ( Any advice would be nice :relaxed:

Thank you so much Yna for your help

In fact for having JIT material delivery first we need to extract and mine data from revit, second making link between manufacturing scheduling time ( i.e. in MSProject) and elements of each component (i.e. wall studs, floor joists, etc.), and at the end send all these information to a web-based service to provide a real-time communication between the manufacturer and the supplier. Any changes made in Revit model (i.e. changing the studs length, etc.) will update the info in the established web-based system. In this case, supplier will be informed about all changes which may be done before sending the materials to the factory.

  1. For the first step, first of all thank u so much for your beautiful proposal, but when I follow your proposal, I saw that all elements have the same Revit ID, and when I search for that ID in Revit, it says that No good view could be found. Do you know why?

  2. could you please tell me how we can put all structural members of a module (i.e. all wall studs,floor joists, ceiling joists,etc.) as well as all architectural elements such as brick, flooring materials, ceiling tiles, etc. into an Excel data sheet?

  3. What is your idea for the second step (linking with scheduling time data), and third step (linking with a web-based service)? Should we design an interface for this integration? Any help and idea is appreciated.
    Thank you so much again for your time

Hello, I will try to answer within a graph as soon as possible, but in short, It’s worth to say that, unless someone has a solution in mind, Dynamo is not as interactive as Revit schedules are. It means that you will have to re-run the script and update the files after each change in your model.
At the moment, this graph is only gathering parameters from one family type and it has to be extended. I would aim to make it first as efficient as possible on this tiniest part of your model, and then expand the method to the whole project. And there are undoubtedly more challenges to come. You could need the use of Python, in which I’m not proficient yet.
Scheduling time is also another issue and it will be worth asking the community for specific advices. But I’ll dive into this project with great interest, thanks for sharing…

Thank you so much for your comments and guidance. Yes. You are right. I should use python. Please let me know if you found anything about this proposal. Thanx