Revit PDMS link through Dynamo?!



I am very new to Dynamo but after my first seminar on the software I am very inspired!

I am working for an MEP manufacturer that is interested in linking AVEVA PDMS project files through to Revit.

I know that such a link exists for the structural guys and TEKLA structure, and think the same ideology can work for Revit, using mapping tables to catch the relevant data.

Am I right in thinking that Dynamo would be a platform to both test and create the link?

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I am glad you started this topic because in our company we have same problem with binding together PDMS model with Revit. PDMS don’t have IFC export option. How do You work with these two platforms ? Which format You’re usings ?

About SAT - I occur a problem that Revit don’t cut SAT geometry it’s just showing the TOP view on plans and Elevation Views in Sections


Currently our work around is export the PDMS model to CAD. We ultimately need to detail the drawings for fabrication (HVAC) and use CADMEP (aka CADduct, formerly MAP). PDMS have told me they are working on an IFC export, but I am not holding my breath!

The export to CAD we use gets the geometry out but no information other than that. It is a slightly quicker workflow because our guys can follow a duct run from the start to finish.

I haven’t even got to view a PDMS model in Revit yet because its such a problem with getting the file into CAD. There is no value for us to take it from PDMS to CAD to Revit back to CAD to export for CAM.