Integrated platform for just in time delivery using Revit +Dynamo+Navisworks+Primavera p6+cloud based tool

I am working on to develop an integrated platform for Just In Time Material Delivery for construction projects using “revit+dynamo+ navisworks+ primavera p6+cloud based tool which generates the triggered alerts to the supplier and the procurement team for the process of ordering and supplying the materials at the required time. I have developed the 3d model of a structure with structural elements such as wall, floor, slabs, columns in Revit student version. Now I want to extract data like dimensions and the volume of material from Revit model and send them to a cloud-based service tool to provide a real-time communication tool between the supplier and material procurement department for having Just In Time material delivery. To provide date for each material delivery i have to link the model with the schedule which is done in navisworks. Now how can i link this quantities and the date of material delivery in one platform and send this data to the cloud based service tool so that it triggers alerts at the required time like an alarm. Please guide me and explain if you have any idea regarding this that what I should do? Thank you so much in advance.

I like the idea, but why Navis as an extra step? Can’t you use the Revit Schedules?
Is it to be able to send the dat to the Cloud? Do you really need to use Navis also?

What are you using Dynamo for (in your workflow?)

Thank you very much for your reply.
Dynamo i am using it to create user interface and i am working on how to link schedule to the model elements in Revit.
In Navisworks there is a tool called TIMELINER using which we can link the schedule to the model elements,so i thought that i could get the result from Navisworks.
But if we can do that in Revit, i will be very happy as i can create user interface and create triggering of alerts using Dynamo.
Please help me find a better solution for this and how exactly i can link the schedule and get the quantities with date of requirement.

You can then connect tasks in the schedule with objects in the model to create a simulation.

Is this something you want?

Basicly Schedules in Revit are made from the Elements, thus are linked to the elements.

For your platform, would the Revit Model already be a finished model, or can it still be ‘under construction’. In other words; in what time frame will people start using your Platform.

If needed you can create Custom Parameters in Revit (i.e. ‘PlannedDate’ and ‘ActualDate’)

The reason i asked if you need Navis is that some (construction) companies prefer Solibri over Navis (in combination with Revit / IFC).

Is there something you can show already (images or clip)? So we have evn a better understanding what you are trying to do?

Thank you very much sir,it is a good idea to create parameters but is there any way to link the schedule.
The 3d model would have been completed but the actual construction is in progress.
i just need is material quantitiy and the date of requirement.
Example: image
getting quantities from revit can be done,but these dates from the schedule how can they be linked to the model.
I dont want to enter the dates manually as i want to make the material ordering process automatic to its maximum extent.

Where are you getting the date of requiremnts from?
In other words who determines when an Element is required.

You can have them either in the Navis and Revit model (or both).

As i said before. Schedules are ALLWAYS linked to the Elements in Revit.


Thank You for the reply.
Date of requirement is from the schedule prepared by the scheduling team using primavera p6.

One ‘problem’ i see is this.
Every element in Revit gets a different id. i.e.; if you have 3 walls of same Type
(lets say concrete walls) they ALL get a different id.
It is possible you need x amount of material y (lets say concrete) on day 1 to make two of these walls and x amount of material y (concrete) on day 2 to make this last (third) wall).
So how are we going to tell which wall(s) get which date?
In other words; you don’t need all of material x on the same day…

Thank you for your reply.
3D model elements will be divided according to the schedule prepared.
suppose two walls are to be done on 1-2-2020 ,these walls will be linked to that particular date prepared in the schedule.
Every element in the 3d model will be linked to their respective dates.(start and finish)

The linking of dates can be done in Navisworks as i know in the tool called TIMELINER which is used to make the simulation video which shows you the construction sequence according to the dates assigned to the elements.But when i am trying to take out quantitties with the same dates linked,i am unable to get the dates in the material quantity takeoff.

so what i want is that i want a solution to get the quantities of material for every element with the date of requirement.

I need(ed) a quick look into Timeliner because i am not familiar with it.

As far as i understand the dates from TimeLiner (Planned Start - Planned End) aren’t really ‘attached’ (linked) to the elements(?) and only used to create the animation(?).
And those dates can’t be put in a schedule?

This is a similar ‘problem’

If it is possible to export a data schedule (Element Id + Dates columns)
from TimeLiner you could use that schedule to get the dates back into Revit and back in Navis again if needed.


I will work on this and find out whether these parameters would help me in achieving the desired results.
I’ll see if i could link the timeliner and quantification data.
Thank you very much.