Revit model not matching the Dynamo Model

Good day,

I am fairly new to Revit and Dynamo. I have been tasked with creating a Dynamo program that can read inputs from excel to generate a structural dome. My goal is to automate the design as far as I can in Dynamo, and perform the final touches in Revit. I have begun assigning lines in dynamo as beams, however some of them dont turn out right in Revit. Though the preview in both Dynamo and Revit are flawless, a small portion of the beams seem to start at the correct node and then halfhazardly shoot off into the distance. Any idea why this is happening, the code is pretty messy but the preview is just as I want it.

What are the units? Could be a bad join being created by the nature of beams attempting to snap and connect to each other.

The units are inches, but I never assigned any particular unit in dynamo. I just jumped right in and created the dome knowing it would all be to scale if the numbers I used were all in inches.

Small numbers of inches or large numbers of inches?

This feels like an auto join issue triggered by small numbers and draw order. Try drawing one ‘set’ of lines in sequence, then another, then another… to confirm.

Typically lengths are ranging from 48in to 130in. It’s extra weird because on one layer of the dome, the diagonals are all the same length, yet only some fail to auto-connect. All despite being the same length.

Sequence will likely matter to Fox the joins, but they are admittedly a fickle beast.

Try to place every ring beam (longitude), then every vertical beam(latitude), then hit the angled beams. Adjusting the endpoints so they ‘clear’ adjacent pieces by the beam depth. In the end you may have too many parts in too small an area for Revit to self resolve.