Structural beams forming circles in Revit

Im in the process of creating a parametric helical truss using Dynamo and Revit just to show some interested parties some possibilities.

Its all working quite nicely but when i try to create some beams formed into circles into Revit it shows them with a gap.

Dynamo script;

Result in Revit;

Sorry - image wouldnt attach to the previous post.

Can anyone help me with why the gap occurs and what i can do to close it?

Curious if it is a limitation from Revit? I just tried modeling a beam, and while I can do half a circle, revit certainly did not like when I tried closing the circle. Doesn’t help you I know, but still interesting.

In terms of constructability, wouldn’t it make more sense to have two semi-circles creating your circle shape? See what happens if you split your circle geometry before converting it to Revit beams. I doubt it will give you a perfectly clean connection but you might be able to fix that with some minor cleanup.

Seems possible if you simply set the end extension to fill in the gap (allowing for a tiny bit of a break. Revit does not seem to like making the neds touch.


because revit wants to “join” all structural elements :(:rage:

Thanks John - that does help produce a workable model but doesnt help me convince a Dynamo skeptic what a great tool it is.

Many thanks Nick - that solved it and didnt even require any cleaning up.

If you need help with that, ask them how long it would take to check the headroom of every stair in three 22 story towers. Note that most towers had 3 stairwells, the floor to floor heights were inconsistent, and there were at least 3 transfer levels per tower (client directed). We did this with dynamo in 30 minutes.