Dynamo beam alignment issues

Hi All,

I have an issue when I run my dynamo file into Revit.

basically, the dynamo grid lines all line up but when I send this to Revit, the beam seem to join to other beams and misalign themselves. the picture attached illustrates my issue.

I really do’t know what is causing this

This looks like normal Revit behavior. Making a beam at any location causes it to join to framing members at the endpoints. Check for columns and beans near these points in your model. If they are there you can change the beams cut back distance and join methods, clean up the ones on the ends as needed, or leave them as they are since they likely are similar to how they will be built (columns, then girders, then joists in my experience).

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Thanks for that Jacob. (sorry late reply)
The issue seemed to solve itself when re-opening and running dynamo? So i’m not sure what was going on there. I understand the joining thing in revit and it’s a pain honestly. even walls seem to join at the wrong places.