Revit Lookup add-in integrated or similar?

I’ve been ging over all available Dynamo documentation this week, and I seem to remeber a graph that listed all parameters and their values from an input element. Seems very similar to Jeremy Tammik’s RevitLookup addin . Has anyone made a node out of that yet? Anyway, I wanted to try it out today and could not find anything like it, other then GetFamilyParameter.

Was I starting to hallucinate or is there someone who could point me in the right direction?

Hi Ekko

Are you referring to CASE’s Stockroom package? Careful googling it. I just tried searching ‘Stockroom Dynamo’ and it returned ‘JT’s Stockroom - Dynamo bullet vibrator!’

Ekko, I think you may be referring to the Element.Parameters node.

That does ring a bell Andreas. Paul, I saw Case’s vimeo last week, featuring Stockroom at the end… I’m pretty sure it is not what I was looking for, but it might be exactly what I need.

Yup, element.parameters was the one I was looking for. Thanks Andreas!