Dynamo to identify building parameters

Hey there,

I am rather new to Dynamo, and have been a Revit user for some time. I have been doing a bit of investigation but I cannot seem to find how I would write a simple script that would allow for me to have a dynamo extract information on building parameters within a residential house such as a Beam, Joist, Lintel etc.

Many thanks for any tips in advance!

I’m not sure I understand the question, but pulling parameters can be done using the “Element.Parameters” node or the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node. Both of these require that you feed in an element, meaning you have to tell the node which element you want to get the info for. Selection can be done by several different methods but three good ones to start with are the “Select Model Element” node, the “Select Model Elements” node, and the “All Elements of Category” node. Once you have the selection done using the Element.GetParameterValueByName or Element.Parameters nodes should help you get going. See below:

You should also run through the entire primer found here, posting as you get stuck/lost/confused with example graphs or screenshots so others can help identify your problems.

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply and sorry about the confusion in the question.

I will try this and see how I go :slight_smile: