Parameter fron Excel to Revit with vlookup formula

Hello, I have a little experience with Dynamo.

What I would is put in Dynamo a “vlookup” formula (like excel) that read a parameter in Revit and use excel to fill in another parameter a new data.
Something like this =VLOOKUP(A10;table_array;n;FALSE)

Is it possible?

Yes. Several different ways. You need to show a little more dynamo or some other background to get specific help though.

Let’s talk about “Rooms” … in parsing parameter revit (eg “Name”), I would like another parameter (eg “Room Code”) to be compiled with a data derived from an excel table.
I usually use a plug-in that exports an excel table and then reimports it (and obviously makes all my formulas) compile this parameter. The formula I use is “VLOOKUP”.

Do you have any idea
Thank you

You would need to use either:

  1. Dynamo Dictionaries, or
  2. Database lookups

For 2. refer to Using SQLite instead of Excel
This example does what you want (using doors rather than rooms)

How may I do with Dynamo Dictionaries?

Try this as a start.

If you get stuck post your graph and we can help troubleshoot.

I’m looking for something like this post as well. In stead of reading a parameter in revit, I want to set a parameter with data from from a spreadsheet with a Vlookup formula.

I want to compare roomnames from the model with a column from the spread sheet and when there’s a match, it should set the parameter with a value from another column (index). Is that possible?

I have read a lot of post similar to this, but i just dont know how to do the VLookUp formula in dynamo…

Hi…yes completely possible.
Your meaning of vlookup formula could throw up people who may know how to compare list and replace values to answer your query. Your problem was already solved and discussed numerous times. If you look for topics like compare list and replaced and review to suit your needs. Do not mix vlookup to dynamo coz when it comes to dynamo its just a list of list…all about list. Tnx