Revit Link referencing the invisible starting point of revit

Hello People,

Does anybody have an idea how to move this so called revit internal starting Point?
I have been trying to create a geometry from my revit linked model in order to find collision Points using Dynamo script but the Solid geometry is referncing this revit internal starting Point which is actually situated far from the Project as noone knew About it beforehand.

What if instead you moved your geometry accordint to your project base point?

Use BimorphNodes LinkElement.OfCategory to collect the elements, then LinkElement.Solid. The class is specifically designed to efficiently position linked element geometry at its host location

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LinkElement.Solid is not able to create solid, it keeps running and crash revit Project. Am i missing something here?

What element type are you filtering? To rule out memory issues, does it work if you use the OOTB Element.Solids node? If it’s possible, please send me a test model to reproduce the crash and I’ll investigate.

yes, Element.Geometry node does work perfectly.
Well, I am attaching my Dynamo script and
revit Project which is exported as an IFC from AECOsim, then i opened it in Revit and saved as a revit model. These are actually an Openings in our Project buiding model.
Dynamo-durchbruecheTM.dyn (51.7 KB)
1303-0032A-__-VOIDS_AG.rvt (1.5 MB)

Thanks, I’m getting a result which appears to work:

Test conditions:
Linked model into a default arch template
Revit 2019.1
Dynamo 1.3.3
BimorphNodes v2.2.90

Yes @Thomas_Mahon, it’s actually working when i link this to a new Project but not in my current Project Model.
Could you give it one more try on the following Main revit Project.
Main Project.rvt (2.3 MB)
1303-0032A-__-VOIDS_AG.rvt (1.5 MB)

@r.chowdhary is this the exception you are seeing?

If so, then its a units warning from Dynamo and is easily fixed by changing your Geometry Working Range. Go to the Settings tab in Dynamo > Geometry Working Range and select ‘Large’ from the menu and the warning will be dismissed:

Actually, i never got any error message, my script just never stopped running but this range solution works smoothly.
Many Thanks.