Creating Accurate wall geometry from Revit link

Hi all,

Is this possible to do?
I have tried a number of different things but my Revit wall location never seems to match my Dynamo wall location when creating geometry for linked walls. Even if I move it is Revit, it just stays stationary in Dynamo, am I missing something?

Any help will be appreciated!

Use BimorphNodes LinkElements.

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Thank you Thomas!

Sorry Thomas,

Some strange behavior here I was hoping you could help me with.

If I run the script from the Dynamo Player, it places the families about 200-500mm above the intersection point…
If I open Dynamo and run the script it does the same thing on the first run, but if I run it again, they center themselves around the opening as intended. If I run it twice through the Player however, they just duplicate on top of one another in the incorrect position.
Any idea what could be causing this??

Never mind, found the issue :slight_smile: