Revit Dynamo Room

i have room objects placed in my model with respective names. I have an excel file with the values to be filled in for the other parameters depending on each room name. is there a simple way to do this.

Room Code
Furniture Code

These are the parameters, of which the name is already set. The others need to be set.

Sample data:

I am very new to dynamo. Any help would be much appreciated. Some of the samples i saw online use custom nodes which i am not able to find.


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Well, thats not that hard. can you provide us the excel file?

a tip i can give you is use the node read from Excel Data,
and then use the Spring.Dictionaries nodes to correctly sort the values for the rooms.
then you just need to use the node setParameterByValue.

04 Standard Space Codes - V02.xlsx (19.1 KB)

Hi Ramoon, Attached is the excel of the Rooms. I will also try the Nodes you mentioned.

I made it,
take a look. Ask me anything if you don’t understand it

Dynamo forum.dyn (18.1 KB)

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Hi Ramoon,

Really sorry but where did you get the Spring.Dictionary.ByKeyValues Custom node. Im not able to find a download for it.

It’s from the Spring package taht you need to install

Did that solved your problem? If so, mark it as the solution for the topic please.
Thank you!

Hi, it gave me what i needed to get the program working. Thanks alot, your inputs really helped. :slight_smile:

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