Revit duct equipment

I want to add the code of the room where it is located to the duct equipment, how can I do this?

Hi @candok4545 …show what you have tried then is easier to get help and help ;)…

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I want to add the room number that I have shown with an arrow sign in a green square to the diffuser I marked with red as a parameter.

I want to print the code to the mark parameter as seen in the second image, can I do this for all equipment?

Yeah i mean Dynamo :wink: anyway find your location on your airterminal probably offset that point Z so you are sure it hits the room…and then use some of these nodes and write :wink: if it that you are after

i want to know all of these nodes but i want to help me create a binding, i am new to dynamo

Air terminal room number ex.dyn (21.3 KB)

i made an example like this but it didn’t work can you help me

yes sure if i can…what is linked rooms spaces here…seems you don’t have any spaces in your active document…is it linked rooms ??

yes there is, I want to place the room number parameter to the mark parameter on the air terminals

alrright try something here…good luck :wink:

PS try take a look here there are a lot of good stuff for learning…Dictionary and Primer are a good place to start…Learn - Dynamo BIM

i have warning like this screenshot

could you give a screenshot with all nodes expended ? …how many phases do you have have you tried future or what you call it ?

Thx…looks you have lot of links…try that one contain room by get at index

ı don’t know how can i do this

Hi @candok4545 I suggest go to primer and dictionary and try search here on the forum so you know all the basic stuff …anyway in your "getdocument node…you will see the name on that document there contain rooms and you will get that index…here is an exemple

I’m trying to learn thank you very much for your help, can you describe how to connect it as a last request? I’m in a really urgent situation

trying to create another node but I have a problem like this, what is the solution for this?

Hi @candok4545 …not sure thats the best workflow you show …you should still try find out which link you will get the room number from…with "get at index…if you want then upload a small dataset piece , lets say 3 rooms from link and you active document with 3 rooms ;)…EDIT…arhhh sorry you are almost there,with get at index try to connect it with post 9…

I did not understand a thing of what you said, thanks anyway

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sorry if it unclear…i just mean try as i show in post 8 with the getatindex as you do right in your image…hope it make sense…