Revit Crash when i run this little script


I wrote a mini script that gets the IfcGuid from a Element of a linked File and copies the value to the clipboard. ( the IFC has previously been opened with Revit and Saved as Revit File, then linked to the project)

For what do we use it?
We got an IFC File from an MEP company containing volume Elements ( IfcBuildingElementProxy) as a demand for Openings to place in the structural model. If i open the ifc File in Solibri Model viewer, i have i see the BoundingBox Parameters : Width, Height.
this way we do not neet to mesure in Revit.

The script works, but Revit crashes after it ran…
any ideas?

I use Revit 2018.2 ( 201709-27_1515)

Dynamo Core:
Dynamo Revit:
Clockwork Package: 1.0.3 ( i realiize now, this could be the problem…)
Spring nodes: 110.2.0

Hi @pipapongo0909

Are you getting one of these errors?

Seems like you stumbled on a bug. Revit/Dynamo would crash if you end up sending a null value to the clipboard. To prevent this try adding the following line before the Clipboard.SendTo node:
v == null ? "" : v;


Hi @Kulkul , @Dimitar_Venkov,

thanks for your fast response.
no i just get the normal crash report dialog asking if i want to sent it to Autodesk ( see snapshot & journal)


I changed the script to this, is that what you meant? In what order are the nodes processed? Top-Down; left Right?

in the journal file in line 3673 it says: “Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed.”

Any ideas what i could do?

thanks a lot for the help

journal.0095.txt.copy.txt (270.0 KB)


I updated to the latest clockwork package, still crashing :frowning: