Export column schedule from Revit to Excel using Dynamo

I’m very new to Dynamo, and trying to write a script to export my columns schedules from Revit to Excel. Next step will be importing Excel back to Revit.
I’ve been reading some related topics from this forum and from other sites, but I’m still very confused, and my script doesn’t really work.
My task is:

  • Exporting each column into a separate Excel layout (named by that column). Only schedule columns with Description=CONCRETE COLUMN.
  • Each column will show its Base level, Base RL, Top level, Top RL, Concrete Strength & Vert. Reo (with top level shown in top row, and lowest level shown in bottom row)

I still don’t know how to show the RL’s

Your help will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

I assume it would just be the Level elevation +/- any offset. You already have the Levels for each column so you just need to grab their elevation. If you have offsets you’ll need to grab those parameter values from the columns as well.

Exporting parameters of columns with same Mark (on different levels) to excel still not working

Can you show what you tried?

Sorry I’ve been too busy. I have made some progress: I managed to get all information I need to an Excel sheet (refer graph).
However, I still don’t know how write data of all columns which have same “Mark” (in this case CC1, CC2 or CC3) into separate sheets named CC1, CC2 and CC3 (as per my first post).
Do you have a solution?


It’s all about sorting and grouping. My first tip would be to mask your elements first rather than every parameter. That should speed things up just a little bit. Then you can use SortByKey to sort your parameter sublists by Mark.

Thanks Nick_Boyts


Now I stuck at how to write all column CC1’s data onto sheet CC1, column CC2’s data onto sheet CC2, and so on