Revit Batch Processor Save file dialog box

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I want to batch export information from multiple Revit files. Ideally, I don’t want to save the active Revit file, for I didn’t do any modification.

When I use RBP, it always pops up “Do you want to save changes to XXX.rvt?” So I have to manually click “No” for all the Revit files…

  • Is there any node for me to get rid of this popup? Or provide a “NO” input?
  • I have also tried the as node. The file has been indeed saved, but Revit still gives me the same pop-up…
  • Does RBP have to literally open the revil file? Is there a background opening?

Thank you very much!

There is no way to edit or read content in any type of file without opening it.

Hi Jacob:

Thank you for your quick reply!

Then may I know what does Rhythm package opendocument node do? It opens from the background right?

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Background as in “not seen”. Revit still opens the file and loads it into the Active session, just as an unseen file in the UI.

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Then how can the user know which information can be accessed by background opening or it has to be accessed in the “seen” mode?

And what are the differences between the “seen” and “not seen” opening. Just the processing time?

So sorry, my programming knowledge is quite limited… This might be some basic computer science knowledge…

Thank you very much!

In the UI the user sees whatever the add-in which performed the background open or queries the document opened by another add-in wants the user to see by the add-in user interface. The data can only be accessed via the api though.

Not much - opening time should be basically the same, excepting the time to ‘draw’ the view which the UI would require. Memory and compute load would be equal as well excepting that ‘draw’ aspect, which for most projects is minimal. The difference is that in one method the user can interact with the data via the UI and in the other method they cannot.

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your input. They are very helpful!! I understand the difference between them now! :+1: :+1:

Now I just hope I can be lucky enough to have someone who could guide me on the RBP saving part.

There is a detach from central option in the RBP

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply.
I thought that settings are for work-sharing projects? All my Revit files are independent, they don’t even have any links. Or I have misunderstood?
So I just keep the central file processing part as default, which is: Detach from Central, Close All Worksets.

Thank you very much

You mentioned central file so i assumed you had worksets :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have mentioned any central files in the above discussion … maybe you replied to a wrong RBP question

But anyway, still thank for your help. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is helping, but you can take a look at this article:

Hello I’m in the similar situation as yours. Wondering if you found a solution for this matter? I appreciate your time!

Hi mixology,

Mine is a POC project, so we did not go very far. So far I don’t have an answer for that. But I think u can try:
1 - try Orchid package, it has a command to save the current Revit project
2- try something with Revit API

Hope it helps!

For me, I was having trouble trying to save. I set saveAsCentral to true and everything seems to be working so far. Maybe this’ll jog some ideas.